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Windows XP (32 bit) to Windows 7 (64 bit) transition diary - very long post

Way back in August, I decided that I would start running Windows 7, and I thought it might be fun to share the details of this migration process. Originally, I'd planned to just experiment with it and see how things run, but practically as soon as I'd begun, I scrapped that plan and have stayed with 7 full time ever since. As some mac people will surely gloat, the process of going from 32 bit windows XP to 64 bit windows 7 is not exactly seamless. You can't just install the new one over the old one and go on your merry way. The upgrade process could probably be pretty easy if I'd stuck with 32 bit, and had installed Vista first before windows 7, but I didn't want to do either of those things. As you can see below, I've probably done some of these migration processes the hard way, but I figure I can't be the only one who does things this way, so maybe it will be useful for someone for me to go into detail about the migration.
You guys are probably going to think I'm crazy. On the plus side, though, I did not have to do all of these things in a day, and as far as I can tell, I haven't had to sacrifice anything significant to use Win 7's new features.

This is kind of a log, kind of a how-to, part cautionary tale, and kind of a review, but mostly a lot of rambling. I think I changed my mind several times about what I wanted this post to be, and it shows. I also couldn't decide if I was writing for computer nerds or regular folks. Anyway . . .

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Dom DeLuise, what a cool guy. We weren't tight, so I'm not all broken up about his passing, but we can always use a few more like that.

This video below does not even have Dom DeLuise in it, but I kinda don't care. This always gets a big laugh from me, and it makes me think even more fondly of the three people being portrayed, as well as the three people actually in this sketch:

Here's something that actually features Dom DeLuise that's just great too:


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If you want to see something cool, and don't mind installing some new software for it, check out photosynth, and then take a look at these sweet cacti from japan:
That is really gorgeous, and I think I get a bit more out of it than if I were just looking at the same stills in a flickr gallery.

Also, Foamhenge:

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Gentlemen, Behold! Beretta shot guns:
I was just watching the daily show make fun of Joe Biden for threatening to shoot Obama with a Beretta shotgun, which is funny because "a beretta is a handgun." Still funny anyway, because you're not supposed to shoot the president*, but anyway it's wrong since Beretta definitely does do shotguns. I had to look it up to doublecheck, but I thought beretta shotgun rang a bell (in addition to the handguns). They look kind of fancy and expensive, in an "east coast elistist" kind of way, hur hur.

* just kidding, there is no footnote

those crazy spammers

kim$ mailstat .procmail/log

Total Number Folder
----- ------ ------
1391939799 233271 /dev/null
45169794 4072 /var/mail/kim
9499410 1855 maybe-spam

Has anyone heard of a reason why someone (Kim) would be getting hundreds of thousands of bounce spams continuously, after months and months? She got 233,271 in a month. I get some among my other spam, but I've never had anything close to that. Maybe I'm just spoiled. All the headers, as far as I can tell, indicate that the true originator of the spams is someone's bot net, and not malware on one of our computers; For some reason, they just keep using kim's email address on the From: line, and she gets many many bounces. The messages are getting procmailed to /dev/null, without bothering with anything sophisticated like spamassassin (although that does happen for the remainder). I just can't imagine why they would focus on a single target for such a long time. I'm sure a large percentage of the original spams reach the victims named in the "To:" line, and I would never see any trace of those, but it still seems very strange to me.

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I feel kind of sorry for the Roku guys, because I was seriously thinking about buying one, but the xbox just got a lot more attractive to a dude like me. Considering the Roku is $99, it feels like $99 off an xbox, now, in my mind. If I were a true geek/hacker/AV nerd, I would already have a box doing all this crap connected to my TV, but I guess I just know my limits. It's not real, yet, so maybe they'll find some way to sour the deal, but this could be pretty sweet. I guess I should see if there is a 2nd or 3rd game for xbox that I would want to play, too. Well, I could talk myself into and then out of this purchase several more times during this blog post, but I think I'll cut myself off here.
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I have a crap-ton of passwords, and I have been kind of irritated by my bank website. I use firefox's master password, but my bank has finally outsmarted me and prevented firefox from using it to save the login & password. *Both* the username and the password are long strings of unguessable gibberish, and since they're not entered in the same form, Firefox can't figure out that there's anything to remember. It drives me crazy every time I have to log in & check a balance or something. At least I can get it to autocomplete the username when I use an add-on to change the "autocomplete" setting for form. Anyone have a way of getting around that? The bank is PNC, if that helps.